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Greeting Quantumplaters!

Don’t let the Easter chocolate overload slow down your quantum journey! We’ve got a number of great events for you over the coming month, starting this week with both a Quantum Coding session on Tuesday and a very exciting discussion on Wednesday with the co-founder of Terra Quantum and the ex-CIO of Volkswagen.

Our upcoming events

Ensuring Immediate value from quantum computing
Wednesday 7 & 21 April, 6pm UK time

April will see a double-bill with five leading thinkers around the practical application of quantum computing and achieving quantum business advantage.

In partnership with Sia Partners who are launching a dedicated…

This short book builds off the quantum computing webinars we have been running

Paolo has used the insight derived from a year of podcast interviews with Emanuele and Anahita to pull together these thoughts.

Available today as a Kindle eBook and soon in paperback this book offers every manager and executive a chance to understand their route to quantum readiness in a read that takes less than 30 minutes.

Amazon.co.uk link here ; Amazon.com link here ; other locations search on Amazon via “Paolo Cuomo”

Quantum Computing is arriving but how much should you care?
This short primer will help you decide, in less than 30 minutes.

The impact of QC will be…

Quantum London event

A Quantum London panel discussion and Q&A with quantum computing professionals on 30 June 2021

An exciting chance to hear from people working in different disciplines in the quantum industry and the opportunity to ask them about their personal career journeys. Paolo Cuomo and Anahita will be speaking with a wide range of professionals in the quantum space, including Chris Bishop, John Barnes and Farai Mazhandu.

RSVP here for the 6pm UK time Zoom meeting:

With many members of our community keen to explore opportunities in the growing quantum industry, it is important to understand the range of options available. …

Quantum Computing Ecosystem

Insightful analysis from Quantum Zeitgeist

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

Some great analysis by Quantum Zeitgeist looking at 15 UK companies in the quantum computing and quantum technology space.

We’re delighted that Quantum London has engaged with several of these and managed to arrange webinars and panels with them.

If any of the others would be happy to engage with our community please do get in touch with Paolo, Emanuele or Anahita.

The Quantum Computing companies listed include:

Quantum Computing Impact

A paper from Nomura

Nomura, the global financial services group, just released a short paper in partnership with Reuters Plus consider how quantum computing will imapct financial markets

At only three pages long, half of which are quotes, there is nothing new here but it nicely lays out a formal view from a leading financial service firm.

The page lists the five ways that Quantum Computing will impact markets as:

  1. High Frequency Trading
  2. Fraud Detection
  3. Development of complex Quantum algorithms
  4. Portfolio Optimisation
  5. Security and Risk Assessment

While the paper makes two important points about the potential for globally optimal portfolios and quantum-accelerated Monte Carlo…

Advice from a leading quantum computing thinker

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

When you type something into Google and only get 729 results you know it’s pretty new.

Friend of Quantum London, Brian Lenahan recently shared the below Medium post with Paolo.

The Quantum Business Strategist (QBS) represents a fundamentally new way to address quantum technology implementation and evolution within organizations. The quantum ‘quarterback’ (the QBS) leads the discussion between C-Suite and IT leaders in organizations and as an external consultant with client companies.

Take a read and then let’s start discussing in a future Quantum London event.

And as a reminder Brian’s book is about to go on sale — the…

Links from 29 April webinar

We had a great turn-out and discussion at this event. Thanks to everyone who participated, and in particular thanks to Ilana of Oxford Quantum Circuits for joining at short notice to answer some great questions.

Celia and Rupesh gave an excellent overview of the work they are doing, showing the importance the UK government is placing on quantum computing and quantum technologies more broadly, and sharing Celia’s journey into her current role.

For background on the speakers see the previous article.

The full video is available on our Quantum London YouTube channel, along with all the other videos of events…

Hosted by Esperanza Cuenca-Gomez and Anahita Zardoshti

Hear from Multiverse Computing, in this webinar from the Quantum London QC in Finance series

In this first episode of our “Quantum in Finance” series hosts Esperanza and Anahita will be speaking with Román Orús and Enrique Lizaso Olmos about the work of Multiverse Computing with companies from the financial industry which want to gain an edge with quantum computing.

RSVP: Demio via this link — Wednesday 19 May — 6pm UK time

Your speakers


Quantum physicist. PhD. Ikerbasque Research Professor at DIPC. Visiting professor at the BSC. Johannes Guttenberg Universität Mainz, University of Queensland, Max Planck Institute, CNRS, Marie Curie IIF, Early Career Prize from the European Physical Society. Author of numerous highly-cited papers on…

Wednesday 21st see the second of our quantum computing conversations with Sia Partners

Follow the excellent event on Wednesday 7th, now it’s time for part II. Markus Pflitsch joins us again, just time accompanied by Stephen Nundy and Vishal Shete.

Sign up here to join us at 6pm on Wednesday 21st.

Find out more about the agenda and sheets in our briefing notes - click here for non-member link — but in essence Vishal will guide Markus and Stephen through a discussion of why and how quantum computing is relevant for everyone already today, even though we are someway from having full-blown, ready-to-use quantum computers.

Anahita and Paolo will then triage the questions…

A quantum computing open source hackathon in May with the Unitary Fund

Screengrab from https://unitaryfund.github.io/unitaryhack/

Greeting quantum coders. Not too sure what this is, but it looked relevant to share.

Rules seem quite simple (see below) and there’s plenty of time to prepare. If anyone does get inolved please do share details with us. Or maybe, if it makes sense we can create a Quantum London team. Let us know your thoughts.


Copied from https://unitaryfund.github.io/unitaryhack/rules.html

  1. unitaryHACK is open to everyone in our global community. Whether you’re a seasoned contributor or looking for quantum projects to contribute to for the first time, please sign up here so we know to look for your contributions! …

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